Ultimate Bath Collection

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Create Your Ultimate Collection

Choose your 3 favoritebath bombs.

Now Bigger & Containing a higher quality Hemp CBD!  Your body will be thanking you.

Renew // 100mg Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp

- Coconut Oil leaves your skin rejuvenated
- Releases Muscle Tension
- Calming Notes
- Has a lavender, floral & citrus soothing scent.

Essential Oils: Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender & Orange

Sleep // 100mg Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp 

- Promotes total relaxation
- Calms your mind for a good night’s sleep
- Stabilizes mood
- Helps release muscle tension

Has a fresh, soothing lavender, tranquil and clean scent

Essential Oils: Orange, Lavender, Peppermint & Lemon

Breathe // 100mg Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp

6 oz. and 100mg of CBD (Broad Spectrum)
- Relax in luxury
- Relieves sore muscles
- Promotes mental clarity
- Stabilizes mood
- A soothing lavender and peppermint scent
- Essential Oils: Lavender, Italian Lemon, Orange & Peppermint

Fill your tub with warm water & allow the CBD Bath Bomb to fully dissolve.

We encourage 20 - 30 mins of soaking for maximum effect.

Store the CBD Bath Bomb away from direct sunlight