Stress In Your Body // Part 2

25th Oct 2021

Click Here To Read Part 1I’ve been a medical massage therapist for nearly 17 years and I have been studying for my doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for the past year.In those years I’ve t … read more

Stress In Your Body // Part 1.

25th Oct 2021

Guest Author: Alissa N. Steeb, LMT, ERYT, MMP, CMRSOctober 2018, I drove out to Suncadia, Washington to attend the “Break Free” Woman’s Retreat hosted by an old high school girlfriend who had become a … read more

There are 3 types of CBD Extracts

25th Oct 2021

If you missed our CBD 101 blog make sure you check it out if you need to learn a little bit more about CBD. Not all CBD is created equal. There are 3 principle types created by different methods of … read more

How much CBD should I take?

25th Oct 2021

Our goal is help you find the best launching point for your CBD journey. Please remember that every body is unique & this dosing will never replace the medical advice of a physician. What are you … read more

What is CBD & where does it come from?

12th Jul 2020

CBD is derived from the Hemp PlantThe Hemp plant is a relative to the Marijuana plant BUT they are very different.The level of THC present in the plant is the main difference between Hemp and Marijuan … read more